Finesse Equine Retreats

Equine Getaway? Bring your own horse and make use of our beautiful facilities! We offer shaded large yards close by to the tent, a full-size arena with jumps, farm rides, or you can even expand your knowledge by booking an onsite lesson with Finesse Equestrian Training's Ellie O'Brien! If you want to really make this getaway about you and your horse, find out more about our Equine Retreats.

relax. ride. repeat.

Mind and Body Retreats 
No matter what your level or focus is, it is important to work with both the mind and body of both horse and rider to be in the optimal learning space. Ellie loves to empower and set the horse and rider up for success and has a talent for finding the root cause of a problem and working from the inside out.
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Book the tent and send us an email if you'd like to book in for lessons 



Immersion Two day -choose up to four options and delve in deep.

Day one - theory session, awareness bodywork, groundwork, ridden + video revision, farm ride. 
Day two - theory session, bodywork, groundwork, ridden + video revision, farm ride.